Black Lives Matter

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Black Lives Matter

For years, systemic & instituionalized racism claimed an untold number of victims. In 2020, the world said ENOUGH after once again being forced to witness the death of innocent Black people by the hands of those that were supposed to protect them. George Floyd & Breonna Taylor were two American citizens who were failed by the justice system & unfairly slain by those who claim to uphold the law. This cannot continue. 

The BBOC (in association with GrimJob & Dan Evans) have produced these two t-shirts to raise funds & awareness of the ongoing fight to end the systems that seek to oppress, victimize and ultimately eradicate Black lives in the US & worldwide.

Profits from the sale of these designs will be donated to the George Floyd & Breonna Taylor memorial funds & Black Lives Matter.

The tees are available here & here.

Thank you for your support. BLACK LIVES MATTER.

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  • Leon Reed

    Fantastic art. Fantastic cause. Fantastic idea.

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