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Whilst the main X-Men Universe movies have dipped in popularity, the spin-offs and solo movies have seen great box office returns & critical acclaim. After the success of Logan, Deadpool & Leigon, Fox looks set to add another hit to that list with The New Mutants.   What's interesting about this new chapter in the franchise is that it looks set to play with horror elements to the suer-hero tale. With a fresh director & talented cast, we're hyped for what's to come. The New Mutants is set for a April 13, 2018 release.

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Big Boy On Campus are proud to announce that as of July 2nd, we will be distributing all comics, graphic novels & digital content created by Pour Print. The independent publishing company was founded in 2014 by Patrick Allen & B.B. Manik. They currently produce S!NK, a comic book featuring photography that is unlike anything previously created within the industry. 2018 will see the roster of creators expand & new titles published by the brand. We're glad to announce you'll be able to find those titles here, as well as interviews with creators and exclusive behind-the-scenes news!

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